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Quiz: Test your knowledge on how SD-WAN works

With SD-WAN deployment on the rise, take the time to test your knowledge about how SD-WAN works. This quiz covers SD-WAN technology basics, benefits of SD-WAN and common myths.

If you're reading this, chances are you've heard of software-defined WAN before. Perhaps you're already an SD-WAN expert and know all about how SD-WAN works. Maybe you're dipping your toes into the technology with some research. Or, perhaps you don't really know a lot about it and are compiling a list of SD-WAN questions -- and let's be honest, who hasn't been in that position?

Regardless of your current SD-WAN IQ, use this quiz to gauge how well you understand the technology. The quiz has 10 questions ranging from how SD-WAN works, the technology's history, adoption drivers and main features. Once you've submitted the quiz, the answers include links to relevant articles for further research.

So, relax, take a deep breath and get ready to choose. Who says SD-WAN can't be fun?

This was last published in March 2018

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