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September 2017, Vol. 8, No. 7

Local area network design gets boost from SDN

Imagine organizing a conference and not being sure who the attendees are or what they're interested in. It could be a disorganized mess -- or it could be organized using policies to identify attendees' interests. Using pure software-defined networking in local area network design could function along similar lines. Full SDN in local area network design could be forever on the horizon, but not all aspects of it. Some enterprises are looking at "SDN-lite" elements that enable centralized automation of policies that govern users. For example, the ability to automate LAN policies can cut down on the massive amount of manual labor required to provide users and devices with the ever-changing access they need to different parts of the network. In this month's cover story, we look at the elements of SDN that have begun to filter into local area network design. Also in this issue, network pros are seeing fast-paced evolution in their fields. What does that mean for their skill sets? At one university, it meant retraining the IT staff. ...

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