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June 2016 Vol 7 / No. 5

SDN analytics offers key to smarter, more adaptive networks

SDN is often described by networking professionals as the separation of the control and data planes, and while technically correct, this rather clinical statement doesn't even hint at the actual benefits of SDN. A more interesting and meaningful definition of software-defined networking is the incorporation of policy into the definition, architecture, implementation and operation of the network. So, if the network is indeed the circulatory system of the organization, SDN makes this plumbing smart, flexible and adaptable. SDN analytics can make it even more so. Software-defined networks are dynamic, responsive Smart is today, of course, essential. Networks have become truly mission-critical and so complex as to require a good degree of intelligence -- human and otherwise -- in operation. This is the real beauty of SDN -- provisioning new intelligence into what used to be a relatively simple collection of dumb pipes, with the key benefit of enhancing performance, security, traffic management and resilience. The specification of ...

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