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February 2018, Vol. 9, No. 1

Small SDN providers' cost, flexibility appeal to enterprises

When it comes to software-defined networking, there's VMware's NSX, there's Cisco's Application Centric Infrastructure and then there's everything else. Included in "everything else" is a number of SDN providers that enterprises continue to find attractive. As organizations consider their SDN options, they should look into what those smaller vendors have to offer. The benefits of using the bigger SDN providers are that they are focused on security and features like automated configuration and policy management that can scale across large enterprise networks. But the smaller players can also offer cost savings and flexibility that appeal to small and midsize businesses, according to network professionals. To prove the point, the need for greater agility drove U2 Cloud LLC, an IT company that provides desktop as a service to government, financial services and commercial clients, to consider different options for building its network infrastructure, according to Pete Valentine, executive vice president for the company, based in ...

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