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December 2017, Vol. 8, No. 10

Distributed networks, cloud bring new focus on SD-WAN security

Enterprises of all sizes are rapidly adopting software-defined WAN technology to improve connectivity among their branches and other wide area network sites, especially as more workloads shift to the cloud. But that flexible connectivity comes with a price. Using multiple network connections means offering multiple places for hackers to attack the corporate network. In response, network professionals are busily assessing the best SD-WAN security tools to protect corporate WANs from a growing threat landscape. WAN security isn't new; enterprises have had to protect their WANs for decades, using common tools like encryption, VPNs, tunneling protocols, IPsec and others. SD-WAN -- which adds less-secure broadband internet connections and 4G to existing MPLS pipes -- resets the stage and forces enterprises to reconsider the best ways to defend their rapidly growing distributed networks. The need for SD-WAN security will only continue as SD-WAN adoption gains traction. IDC, for one, forecasts that SD-WAN infrastructure and services ...

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