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Special Edition, April 2017, Vol. 1, No. 2

SD-WAN adoption: Exxon Mobil deploys Cybera technology

In this series of SD-WAN case studies from the Open Networking User Group's Fall 2016 conference, take a look at how Cybera's plug-and-play technology simplified the wide area network of one of the largest oil companies in the world, allowing store clerks to connect to the corporate WAN in a few easy steps. Next, an Ohio-based equipment manufacturer asks: With internet like this, who needs MPLS? And in part three, software-defined WAN helps a major healthcare provider get more bandwidth for its buck. Several years ago, Exxon Mobil Corp. found it needed to replace its entire VSAT wide area network with secure broadband connectivity to meet revised Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards, or PCI DSS -- a considerable task. With 10,000 locations in North America, the Exxon Mobil network was vast and diverse. In addition to its typical retail sites, the company also needed to connect about 450 wholesalers, some of which had up to 100 branch sites of their own. Chris Curington, Exxon Mobil's North American card security and ...

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