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VMware NSX networking: What you need to know before investing


VMware quickly positioned itself as a pioneer in the network virtualization space with the acquisition and integration of Nicira technology. But as the benefits of virtualization continue to make headlines, it's important to know just what is needed before deploying VMware network virtualization. In fact, experts warn that NSX could present issues unless there is appropriate integration with underlying physical devices.

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To invest, or not to invest?

For those exploring an NSX investment, we listed important news, expert tips, and answers to commonly asked NSX questions to help in the decision-making process.


Software and hardware are needed with NSX

Thinking of committing to NSX? Read more about its software and hardware requirements before saying yes. Continue Reading


Vendors announce physical switch integration with NSX

Cisco is the only major player that didn't opt to integrate its physical switches into VMware's NSX platform. Continue Reading


NSX allows for microsegmentation

Network security benefits of NSX include microsegmentation, which makes every virtual machine an island. Continue Reading


NSX 6.1 performance features: Five to know about

Expert Nirmal Sharma explains how virtual network environments gain optimization, management and security features with NSX 6.1. Continue Reading


Common questions regarding NSX answered

NSX promises a lot, including flexibility and security in the data center. Read answers to some of the most common questions about the network virtualization platform. Continue Reading

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