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Understanding the basics of bare-metal switches

Increased commoditization in networking is allowing organizations to drive down hardware costs. Learn the basics of bare-metal switching and their role in this transition.


As vendors continue to tout networking architectures that decouple software from hardware, bare-metal switches are moving into the spotlight. These switches are built on merchant silicon that may provide fewer features than proprietary chips but enable a lower-cost and more flexible switching alternative. White box switches are poised to be open enough to allow network vendors and users to choose their network operating system, depending on their organization's needs.

Read more about company bare-metal strategies, as well as the difference between bare-metal switches and white-box switching, and the Open Compute project.

1Cumulus's bare-metal switches-

Cumulus Networks' bare-metal switch strategy

Cumulus Networks created the first Linux operating system for network hardware. Cumulus is also partnering with companies like Dell to offer its Linux network OS on Dell's networking hardware. Read about the company's bare-metal switch evolution, and how its partnership with Dell is enabling the industry to better embrace bare-metal switches.


Cumulus operating system built to run on bare-metal switches

By using Linux as an OS, Cumulus Networks is making bare-metal switches available that are cheaper and easier to automate. Continue Reading


New Cumulus Broadcom Trident 11-based switches

Cumulus releases its 2.0 version of Linux-based network OS for bare-metal switches based on Broadcom Trident 11 chips. Continue Reading


Cumulus partnership enables bare-metal switches by Dell

Dell is now allowing customers to run Cumulus and other operating systems on its switches by embracing bare-metal switching. Continue Reading


How network ops change with Linux switches

Cumulus CEO J.R. Rivers talks Linux OS for bare-metal switches and how it will affect network operations. Continue Reading

2Big Switch goes bare-metal-

Learn about Big Switch's bare-metal strategy

Big Switch has made the move to bare-metal switches. Read about the company's decision to go with bare-metal, what this means for its SDN strategy, and how company partners are integrating its SDN software into their bare-metal switches.


Big Switch CEO talks bare-metal switches

Big Switch CEO Doug Murray previews SDN cloud fabric built with white-box switches. Continue Reading


Big Switch's SDN shift to bare-metal switches

Big Switch moves away from overlays and onto bare-metal switches for its SDN strategy. Continue Reading


New Big Switch open source OpenFlow switch

Big Switch announces Switch Light, which is open source OpenFlow switch software. Continue Reading


Big Switch SDN powered by Dell switches

Dell offers customers an alternative to ODMs by integrating Big Switch SDN software into its bare-metal switches. Continue Reading

3Facebook Open Compute project-

Facebook's Open Compute project employs bare-metal networking

Facebook's Open Compute project was designed to share more efficient server and data center designs with the IT industry. Learn how the project is incorporating open switches into its initiative and the impact this is having on Linux-based networking.


Facebook on Open Compute's open source switch

Facebook execs explain why the company is designing a switch that's open source. Continue Reading


Facebook's bare-metal networking

Facebook's Open Compute bare-metal switch project will accept contributions from various companies. Continue Reading


Are CLIs dead thanks to Facebook open source switch?

Facebook's Open Compute project is leading to the rise of Linux-based networking and programmability. Continue Reading

4All about white-box switching-

Bare-metal switches vs. white-box switching

Are bare-metal switches and white-box switches one and the same? Explore what white-box switches are and how they differ from bare-metal switches.


What's the difference between white-box switches and bare-metal switches?

See how network admins can choose either-or to receive the same performance. Continue Reading


Are enterprises excited for white-box switching?

The white-box switch market grew in 2013 thanks to hyperscale companies and cloud providers, but will enterprises buy in? Continue Reading


Will we really need white-box switching in an enterprise network?

Read why white-box switches are a result of increased commoditization in the marketplace and how they'll be used in enterprise networks. Continue Reading

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