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OpenStack Networking: A look at Neutron network orchestration

OpenStack cloud orchestration enables dynamic provisioning of compute, networking and storage. In this guide, explore OpenStack networking, including the creation of Neutron and its impact on SDN.


OpenStack is a set of open source software tools used for building and orchestrating private and public clouds. OpenStack is broken down into three sections: compute, networking and storage. In this guide, we explore how OpenStack is impacting networking -- from reviewing the basics of OpenStack Neutron to explaining how OpenFlow and virtual overlay networks work in an orchestration context. Learn more about why networking pros should take a vested interest in the open source community, and how OpenStack networking plays an integral role in SDN and network virtualization.

1OpenStack networking basics-

OpenStack introduces Neutron for networking

With OpenStack Neutron, network resources become part of the overall orchestration picture. In this section, editors and experts explain the basics of OpenStack Neutron, why it's more than just hype. Read about OpenStack and OpenDaylight similarities, as well as the issues IT pros are still working through with OpenStack Neutron.


OpenStack plays a role in your network today

In this expert tip, Keith Townsend explains how to integrate OpenStack with an existing data center network. Continue Reading


OpenStack is a viable answer to the commercial cloud stack

Expert Tom Nolle explains how OpenStack APIs change the cloud -- and specifically highlights the role of the open source technology in making SDN more manageable. Continue Reading


OpenStack Neutron networking brings opportunities … and challenges

OpenStack Neutron will mean the ability to dynamically provision network as a service, but first, engineers must overcome problems with scalability. Continue Reading


OpenDaylight and OpenStack: Friends or enemies?

Although there is some overlap, the two communities can work together to enable IT as a service. Continue Reading

2OpenStack meets OpenFlow-

Network vendors take on OpenStack

Vendors are integrating OpenStack with SDN and network virtualization technology. Below, read more about what network vendors are doing with the open source cloud platform.


Why network hardware vendors are integrating OpenStack

Vendors have been putting an increased focus on OpenStack. Editor Rivka Gewirtz Little explains why networking pros should pay attention to this open source cloud platform. Continue Reading


Arista offers OpenFlow support with OpenStack integration

Arista added OpenFlow support to its switches, and it contributed a driver allowing any vendor to use OpenStack Quantum for orchestration purposes. Continue Reading


HP creates a path toward overlays and OpenFlow

HP's VCN software acts as an enhancement to OpenStack's networking project, and is an application that can run the vendor's OpenFlow controller, giving way toward overlay and OpenFlow networks. Continue Reading


Midokura's network virtualization platform includes OpenStack integration

Midokura's cloud platform is similar to other virtual network overlays, but it includes a broader approach to cloud networking, along with OpenStack integration. Continue Reading


PlumGrid introduces virtual overlay network

PlumGrid, a network virtualization startup, announced a software platform that enables virtual network overlays for OpenStack cloud environments. Continue Reading

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