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How VMware NSX network virtualization could change networking -- or not

News and analysis about the launch of VMware NSX network virtualization


VMware recently unveiled its network virtualization platform, NSX. The NSX platform combines the company's existing networking features with the network virtualization technology from the Nicira acquisition.

The NSX launch sparked plenty of excitement, but also led many to question the overlay and edge networking strategy. It also ignited debate on the role of network engineers in an overlay environment and the future of the longtime VMware-Cisco partnership.

Here we've gathered news, opinion and analysis about the VMware NSX platform and strategy.


VMWare NSX Network Virtualization news

Read about VMware NSX features, as well as about how the technology is poised to affect networking professionals, and its potential fallout on the longtime VMware-Cisco partnership.


Advanced networking in virtualization, brought to you by NSX

SearchSDN's Director of News and Features Shamus McGillicuddy outlines the NSX release and explains how the solution will integrate into top-of-rack switching and enable Layer 4-7 network services in virtual overlays. But he also discusses concerns about the lack of deeper integration between physical and virtual networks in NSX environments. Continue Reading


Does NSX mean a shift for server admins into networking professionals?

During the VMware keynote where NSX was announced, VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger and Chief Networking Architect Martin Casado aimed their presentation at server and virtualization admins -- which begs the questions: Who, exactly, will be using NSX? And do network pros still matter? Continue Reading


HP and VMware partner through NSX

HP will merge its SDN controller and integrate its own network management platform with VMware NSX in an effort to unify operations across virtual and physical networks. Continue Reading


Industry heavyweights take to Twitter to discuss NSX

Networking pros took to Twitter to share their thoughts -- both positive and negative -- about the release of NSX. Continue Reading


Vendors offer hardware support to NSX

A series of networking vendors announced integration of their physical switches with NSX during VMworld, allowing customers to build virtual network overlays, using switches as gateways. Cisco was notably not one of those vendors. Continue Reading


Cisco voices opposition to VMware NSX

Just two days after the release of NSX, Cisco CTO Padmasree Warrior blogged that VMware's overlay approach is not the right approach to network virtualization. However, she also assured her readers that Cisco and VMware would continue to partner, especially in cloud infrastructure. Continue Reading


NSX doesn't have to mean conflict in the data center

At VMworld, VMware pitched NSX primarily to system and virtualization admins, leaving many networking pros feeling that the solution would infringe on their turf. However, some argue that NSX could be used to create peace, not war. Continue Reading

2NSX opinions-

NSX opinions: What experts have to say

SDN experts had both praise and criticism for NSX. We asked SearchSDN bloggers to sound off on what NSX means to networking and SDN.


Cisco could battle long-term effects of NSX

SDN expert Jason Edelman writes that NSX could give Cisco a run for its money in the data center but that will take a while. Continue Reading


The introduction of NSX won't mean trouble for VCE

NSX could spark a battle in the data center network between VMware and Cisco, but that won't mean an end to VCE, the coalition of Cisco, VMware and EMC, writes SDN expert Greg Ferro. Continue Reading


Silos sometimes work, but NSX will cause a turf war

The abuse of tools like NSX is what leads to silos within IT, writes SDN expert Teren Bryson. Continue Reading


NSX's impact on network virtualization practices

SearchSDN's Shamus McGillicuddy breaks down NSX and explains the concern many have regarding a new software layer on top of the network, and how this will affect operations and visibility.


NSX's impact on network virtualization practices

In this video, McGillicuddy breaks down NSX and explains the concern many have regarding a new software layer on top of the network, and how this will affect operations and visibility.

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