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The SD-WAN market is still up for grabs

The SD-WAN vendor market is showing some signs of consolidation. But it will remain volatile in the near term, and that should prove beneficial to customers.


Tackling common SD-WAN misconceptions and concerns

It's all too easy to get sucked into the buzz and misconceptions around software-defined WAN technology. Here are four points to be aware of about the touted benefits of SD-WAN.


SD-WAN offers connectivity, prioritization for business IoT

Business IoT applications require prioritized traffic flows and low-cost connectivity. SD-WAN lets IT teams assign policies to prioritize traffic and use cheaper connectivity links.


What does scale mean in relation to SD-WAN?

Selecting an SD-WAN option that suits business needs can be daunting, but diving into network scalability requirements, like bandwidth needs and the number of sites, is a good start.

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    Four types of disaggregation and their tradeoffs

    Trying to explain network disaggregation and related trends -- like SDN, NFV and white boxes -- can be complicated. Our expert pins the terms down and explains the tradeoffs.

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    Software-centric networks edge toward the legacy line

    Software-based networks are evolving, reshaping how companies do business and blending into legacy networking. Enterprises will have to sort out which approaches work best.

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    A refresher: What's in the white box?

    This white box networking review sheds some light on the variations, as it's all too easy to confuse the intricacies of white boxes, universal CPEs and brite boxes.

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