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A look into ASIC interfaces, programmability and SDN

Learn how four interfaces that are designed to control switch ASICs and packet forwarding can help accelerate developments in SDN and machine learning.


Cato Networks adds 'self-healing' features to SD-WAN

Cato Networks hones Cato SD-WAN with 'self-healing' features designed to fight against network failures. Also, Kaloom unveils Software Defined Fabric to improve data center programmability.


Cybersecurity, digital economy in limelight at ONUG

At the ONUG fall conference on Oct. 22 to 23, attendees will learn how enterprises can secure assets in a digital economy and how automation, cybersecurity and data protection fit in.


How does virtualization affect ADCs?

Virtual ADCs bring another level of flexibility, authentication and performance monitoring, moving application delivery controllers beyond load balancing and application acceleration.

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SDN Basics

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    How does NetOps help enterprise networking?

    Similar to the DevOps framework, a NetOps approach provides networking teams with a way to use automation and virtualization to create more agile networks and deploy applications faster.

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    What is segment routing, and does it work with SDN?

    Segment routing steers packets using a list of instructions, and it can be used in MPLS and IPv6 architecture. But does software-defined networking architecture support it?

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    How do I plan for an upgrade to SD-WAN?

    When gearing up for SD-WAN upgrades, enterprises should take their time with network infrastructure planning. These three steps can help get them started.

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