SDN Tips


  • Getting hands-on with REST APIs in SDN

    REST APIs play a vital role in SDN controllers and applications. This will be new territory for many network engineers, but it doesn't have to be overwhelming.

  • What's new with SDN starter kits

    SDN starter kits are designed to help enterprises evaluate the technology before they begin transitioning their networks to the new architecture. What should you look for?

  • How to pick the right virtual functions

    Building a network functions virtualization framework means understanding which features, or functions, are most important. Tread carefully.

  • Virtual Network Functions are the magic behind NFV

    Virtual network functions are the magic behind NFV. They bring software capability to routing, mobile core, security and more. But they're not without implementation challenges.

  • What's the holdup on network software adoption?

    Enterprise network software uptake is lagging due to a wide range of adoption barriers. The good news is that these challenges shouldn't be difficult to overcome.

  • What's at the heart of the 'new IP'? SDN and NFV

    What exactly is the 'new IP'? In a nutshell, it's the use of SDN and NFV to build highly virtualized IP networks that will allow carriers and operators to monetize new services. Here's how it works.

  • Need Open vSwitch skills? Build a test network

    Setting up an Open vSwitch test network can be as simple as downloading code, deploying it on x86 servers and attaching storage disks. Here's how to get started.

  • What you really need to know about NFV Infrastructure

    Vendors have differing ideas on what constitutes an NFV Infrastructure, which makes it difficult to know how to invest. However, there are a few key elements every portfolio should include.

  • 5 new features in VMware NSX 6.1

    VMware NSX 6.1 brings new optimization, management and security features to virtual network environments.

  • Mininet is a simple path to low-cost OpenFlow testing

    With Mininet emulation software, you can create OpenFlow test networks that let you experiment with programmable networking and flexible control planes without investing in costly switches.

  • Where MPLS-TP and SDN meet

    MPLS-TP transforms carrier networks for packet switching, but SDN could take it a step further. Combining the technologies, engineers could reduce complexity in the dynamic control plane and gain f...

  • Open source networking takes shape

    Open source networking is becoming a reality now that standards bodies, vendors and development communities are working together. Yet these players face a slew of challenges.

  • How network micro-segmentation changes forever securit

    VMware and Cisco are depending on network micro-segmentation to bring a new level of virtualization security with east-west firewall capabilities.

  • SDN's appeal in the WAN

    SDN's networking role has not always been clear, there are now some compelling use cases. Because SDN can make the WAN more functional and less expensive, networking pros should keep their eyes on ...

  • Big data networks must support distributed resources

    Big data networks must be built to handle distributed resources that are simultaneously working on a single task. That'll require network resiliency, consistency and application awareness.

  • An NFV ISV community emerges, but challenges abound

    A new group of ISVs is producing exciting NFV applications that bring automation to a range of network services. But these developers face enormous challenges in establishing a new set of technolog...

  • A quick guide to building Microsoft Hyper-V networks

    Networking pros can use Microsoft Hyper-V networks for multi-tenant cloud environments, but first they'll have to learn the ropes in testing environments. Here are simple steps to building a Hyper-...

  • Microsoft network virtualization building blocks

    Microsoft network virtualization may not get the same market mindshare as the competition, but you can pull off a software-driven, multi-tenant network for the cloud using Hyper-V and Systems Cente...

  • With SDN LTE networks, will video be a breeze?

    LTE is growing fast, but so are the network management challenges that come along with it. SDN LTE could be the game changer, bringing centralized control for a simpler network.

  • NFV orchestration must manage total service insertion

    NFV orchestration is about much more than just provisioning and managing virtual features, such as firewalls or load balancers. Instead, NFV orchestration must address the entire service-chaining p...