SDN strategy and ROI

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  • SDN: Decision time

    Learn how to evaluate your potential vendor’s SDN solution and its ability to meet your specific business requirements. 

  • SDN: RFP technology decisions

    To properly evaluate software-defined networking solutions, you must understand what each vendor offers and how well it fits with your organization. 

  • SDN: From business problem to technical solution

    Learn how software-defined networking (SDN) technology strategies can help in reducing the complexity and management of your network. 

  • Software-defined networking: IT decision center

    The evolution of software-defined networking (SDN) is creating a massive transformation that will affect every part of the network. SDN enables centralized programmable networks that separate the control and data planes from the underlying infrastruc... 

  • software-defined networking (SDN)

    Software-defined networking (SDN) is an approach to networking in which control is decoupled from the physical infrastructure, allowing network administrators to support a network fabric across multi-vendor equipment. 

About SDN strategy and ROI

The point of SDN implementation is to create network programmability and flexible SDN management. But that should lead to hardware consolidation and operational savings. In this section, learn about designing SDN environments that will be successful and how to incorporate an ROI strategy into your overall plan, with our news, tips and expert advice.