SDN for campus LAN

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  • SDN and the enterprise campus network

    SDN campus solutions have the potential to impact current LAN architecture, changing the enterprise campus network. 

  • Why do I need SDN technology?

    SDN is valuable, but uses extend to other parts of the network for increased network flexibility, dynamic traffic flow, decreased latency and QoS. 

  • campus network

    A campus network is a proprietary local area network (LAN) or set of interconnected LANs serving a corporation, government agency, university, or similar organization. 

  • overlay network

    An overlay network is a telecommunications network that runs independently on top of another one, although supported by its infrastructure. 

About SDN for campus LAN

Looking for resources on SDN for the campus LAN? In this topic section, you'll learn how SDN technology can be used to create a programmable LAN with granular traffic management and and control that will result in a whole slew of new network applications and services for the campus LAN.