SDN companies

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  • Embrane

    Embrane is a company that makes software products for the delivery of SDN (sofware-defined networking) services, including load balancers, firewalls and VPNs. 

  • Plexxi

    Plexxi is a Cambridge Massachusetts company that makes software-defined networking (SDN) software. The company was founded with venture-based funding in 2011. Plexxi's management team is composed of networking professionals. 

  • Nicira Inc.

    Nicira is a network virtualization and SDN (software-defined networking) company that Martin Casado, Nick McKeown and Scott Shenker founded in 2007. 

  • Big Switch Networks

    Big Switch Networks is a network virtualization and SDN (software-defined networking) company that was founded in 2010. 

About SDN companies

SDN is still largely driven by a group of dynamic startups that have been bold enough to create new network applications that could forever change the way enterprises run their data centers, WANs and LANs. In this section, learn about the work of SDN startups and pioneers, as well traditional vendors that are becoming SDN companies, with our news, expert advice and guides.