SDN-OpenFlow research and projects

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  • OVSDB (Open vSwitch Database Management Protocol)

    The Open vSwitch Database Management Protocol (OVSDB) is an OpenFlow configuration protocol that is designed to manage Open vSwitch implementations. 

  • OF-Config (OpenFlow Configuration and Management Protocol)

    The OpenFlow Management and Configuration Protocol (OF-Config) is a protocol developed under the Open Networking Foundation used to manage physical and virtual switches in an OpenFlow environment. 

  • network hypervisor

    A network hypervisor is a program that provides an abstraction layer for network hardware.  Network hypervisors allow network engineers to create virtual networks that are completely decoupled and independent from the underlying physical network. 

  • Trema

    Trema is an open source framework for developing OpenFlow controllers for software-defined networking in the Ruby and C programming languages. 

About SDN-OpenFlow research and projects

OpenFlow may already be productized, but the protocol is still a work in progress. In this topic section, learn about ongoing SDN, OpenFlow research and testing projects, and find out how the SDN protocol stands to change every part of the enterprise and service provider network.