Network hardware and SDN

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  • Does SDN change everything in network architectures?

    Some experts predict that the network functions virtualization (NFV) and software-defined networking (SDN) mean that physical network equipment will soon be a thing of the past. Not true! While new virtual overlays are required as technology evolves,... 

  • SDN: Decision time

    Learn how to evaluate your potential vendor’s SDN solution and its ability to meet your specific business requirements. 

  • SDN: RFP technology decisions

    To properly evaluate software-defined networking solutions, you must understand what each vendor offers and how well it fits with your organization. 

  • SDN: From business problem to technical solution

    Learn how software-defined networking (SDN) technology strategies can help in reducing the complexity and management of your network. 

  • Software-defined networking: IT decision center

    The evolution of software-defined networking (SDN) is creating a massive transformation that will affect every part of the network. SDN enables centralized programmable networks that separate the control and data planes from the underlying infrastruc... 

  • network hypervisor

    A network hypervisor is a program that provides an abstraction layer for network hardware.  Network hypervisors allow network engineers to create virtual networks that are completely decoupled and independent from the underlying physical network. 


    NETCONF is an IETF network management protocol that provides an administrator or network engineer with a secure way to configure a firewall, router, switch or other network device. 

  • network fabric

    Network fabric is an industry term that describes a network topology in which devices pass data to each other through interconnecting switches. 

  • hybrid SDN

    A hybrid SDN (software-defined network) is a network where both traditional networking and SDN protocols operate in the same environment. 

  • data plane (DP)

    The data plane (sometimes known as the user plane, forwarding plane, carrier plane or bearer plane) is the part of a network that carries user traffic. 

About Network hardware and SDN

In SDN, networks are controlled by software, but they still require basic hardware. In this section, learn about how SDN switches and SDN routers will play a key role in SDN architecture. Also learn about the emergence of OpenFlow switches and the use of commodity hardware in SDN.