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SDN applications

The beauty of SDN lies in the applications it can create. Learn about SDN and OpenFlow applications, including network virtualization, granular network QoS and Layer 4-7 services. Understand SDN APIs and the difference between southbound and northbound applications in SDN. Find out about the differences in service provider and enterprise SDN applications, and where the two will converge. More about SDN applications

SDN architecture

In this topic section, learn about the key elements of SDN architecture, including controllers, OpenFlow technology, network virtualization, SDN-friendly hardware, software overlays and emerging network applications with our news, tips, videos and more. More about SDN architecture

SDN standards and research

Software-defined networking standards are still emerging. Learn about the evolution of OpenFlow and its role in southbound applications. Keep an eye on the development of SDN research and northbound API standards. Finally, learn about SDN-related protocols, such as VXLAN and NVGRE for overlay networks and network virtualization, as well as the OpenStack Quantum API for SDN in the cloud with the news and expert advice in this topic section. More about SDN standards and research

SDN business issues

SDN is exciting, but like with every other technology, IT shops must prove its business case. That means vendors must release an SDN product that shows a return on investment. In this section, learn about the emergence of SDN technology from SDN startups and traditional network vendors alike. Learn where software-defined network venture capitalists are investing and understand the long-term market implications of SDN with the news, tips and expert advice in this topic section. More about SDN business issues