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  • E-book: Understanding cloud networks

    Cloud computing is catching on, but cloud networks are proving to be challenging to implement and manage. Before enterprises begin architecting their cloud computing networks, they need to consider the impact on the network. Read this e-book to find out what you need to know about cloud networks.

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  • Software-defined networking: IT decision center

    The evolution of software-defined networking (SDN) is creating a massive transformation that will affect every part of the network. SDN enables centralized programmable networks that separate the control and data planes from the underlying infrastructure, resulting in fast, granular network management. But where do you start?

    The SDN transition is taking hold first in network controllers and switches that will increase dynamic network performance, particularly for virtualized data centers and cloud computing. In this IT Decision Center, our expert will help you understand choices in software-driven network architecture and break down the SDN switch and controller procurement process by looking at the business need, product and vendor research (including a list of vendors in the market), and advice on how to make your final buying decision.

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