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Enterprises prioritize protocols in SDN retraining

SDN promises to change how networking pros work. Analyst Shamus McGillicuddy shares the top priorities of enterprises tackling SDN retraining.


BGP works as routing protocol in data center

In recent blog posts from around the Web, experts discuss BGP as a routing protocol in data centers, whether software will really 'eat hardware' and the role of SDN in IoT.


SDN enables enhanced network security capabilities

Software-defined networking may hold the key to better security. Networking expert Lee Doyle explains how to strengthen SDN network security to prevent breaches.


Microsoft becoming SDN rival to Cisco, VMware

Microsoft is preparing to release a Windows Server SDN stack that could make the company a rival to Cisco and VMware in software-defined networking.

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    It's time for network engineers to learn Python

    Not all programming languages are created equal. For networking pros ready to dive into coding, network engineer Will Murrell suggests starting with Python.

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    How can I start using SDN?

    Networking expert Lee Doyle explains how network architects can get started using software-defined networking technologies -- whether in the campus network, WAN or data center.

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    Virtual CPE drives NFV deployment

    Virtual CPE is one of the largest drivers of NFV deployment. Analyst Lee Doyle explains how the technology will help providers meet shifting business requirements.

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